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From now on all aquarium covers, and all combinations and sales facilities are available with LED lighting!

What are LEDs?
A simple answer: The Future! We say goodbye now in Europe by the incandescent bulb. Do you want one orTwo steps to go forward? We assume that the medium will take place a ban on mercury.So we see no future for a long fluorescent tubes and energy saving light bulbs. Another reason to moveto LEDs is long life: An LED can last up to 10 years.

LEDs are shock resistant, since they are neither from fragile materials, yet one
Possess hollow body.


There are white, red, green and blue LEDs.
With our RGBs (red, green, blue), one can approximately the whole, broad color spectrum of the sun reach.
If all colors in the RGB of 100%, this creates the color white.


Daylight simulator
Daylight drain with automatic dimming and color change as in the natural dawn and dusk.

Programs including 4 and 8 hours mode.
Program up to 8 hours of your own color.


To increase the life of LEDs can be cooled. You can browse through our water cooling, a large amount of energy savings through heat recovery. In addition, doubling the life of the LEDs. The brightness of the LEDs is increased by about 20%, the power supply consumes about 20% less electricity. The LEDs do not have to be cooled, however, run by our specially developed.
Water cooling the heat that the LED's produce back into your aquarium. That means you have your Aquarium pumps not so strong.
How warm is the light bar?
The heat generation depends on various factors, such as the ambient temperature. E.g. It is important to if you run with or without lids. If you place our lamp directly under your cover, so this may well reach a temperature of up to 50 ° C. Although the LEDs thereby suffer no harm, but one can use the generated heat. The heat is transferred through the aluminum trims. through our Water-cooling type 25 ° C warm water back into your aquarium. So you save on heating costs. Of course one can not entirely without a water heater. No additional pump, but the system can easily connect to your existing pump.

length for aquariums Single element
white LED
Two tubes white LED
25 cm 1x 4 Watt --
30 cm 1x 4 Watt --
35 cm 1x 4 Watt 2x 4 Watt
40 cm 1x 4 Watt 2x 4 Watt
50 cm 1x 6 Watt 2x 6 Watt
60 cm 1x 9 Watt 2x 9 Watt
80 cm 1x 12 Watt 2x 12 Watt
100 cm 1x 15 Watt 2x 15 Watt
120 cm 1x 20 Watt 2x 20 Watt
130 cm 1x 20 Watt 2x 20 Watt
150 cm 1x 25 Watt 2x 25 Watt
160 cm 1x 25 Watt 2x 25 Watt
200 cm 1x 34 Watt 2x 34 Watt

length for aquariums RGB LED white
single element
& Daylight Simulator
RGB LED white
two tubes
& Daylight Simulator
25 cm 1x 5 Watt --
30 cm 1x 5 Watt --
35 cm 1x 5 Watt 2x 5 Watt
40 cm 1x 5 Watt 2x 5 Watt
50 cm 1x 8 Watt 2x 8 Watt
60 cm 1x 12 Watt 2x 12 Watt
80 cm 1x 16 Watt 2x 16 Watt
100 cm 1x 20 Watt 2x 20 Watt
120 cm 1x 27 Watt 2x 27 Watt
130 cm 1x 27 Watt 2x 27 Watt
150 cm 1x 34 Watt 2x 34 Watt
160 cm 1x 34 Watt 2x 34 Watt
200 cm 1x 46 Watt 2x 46 Watt
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